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This Mysterious Event Will Truly Surprise You...

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What’s up Supreme fans! Welcome back to your favorite entertainment channel on YouTube – The Supreme! To show you how much we appreciate you stopping by we’re gonna bring you another epic episode, this time with some of the most unexplained video that we could find, with today’s title ‘This Mysterious Event Will Truly Surprise You’

10 The Golden Gate Reaper

We’ll start things off with a weird one, where we find ourselves on San Francisco Bay looking at the infamous Golden Gate Bridge. Check out this clip that was sent in to the Supreme team… You can clearly make out the bridge and Pacific Ocean – but, do you notice anything else? Perhaps a gigantic hooded figure grasping on to one of the most popular bridges in the United States? What the heck is that? It looks like a grim reaper, but uh – I wasn’t aware that they wore the color red haha. Anyway, obviously this appears to be edited, and I gotta tell ya – whoever whipped this up certainly deserves a big time Hollywood gig because this looks about as real as it gets!

9 The Ghost Doll Baby
Moving on from the suspicious to the mysterious – check out this next video. We’ve caught up with video that displayed creepy behavior from dolls before here on the channel, and right now we have another one of those clips for you right now. This 100-year-old doll was caught moving on camera by its owner, after they were encountering several different experiences where they thought that the doll was haunted. Look at this – pay attention to the details of the slow-motion video… do you think this could be fake? It appears that we would be able to tell, as the footage isn’t exactly the highest definition. So, what do you think? Real? Or doctored? Make sure you share your thoughts down in the comments, and we’ll move on to the next video.

8 Spirit? Or Bird?

Alright folks before we just dive right into the next clip, I want to set a situation for you. So it’s late at night, but you have to get to the grocery store before you go home because you don’t want to be hungry all night. Pretty logical reason, right? Haha anyway – once you leave the store you have to make it all the way back to your car, which is parked in a dark parking garage. It’s easy to see why this could end up being a potential scary situation, right? Well check out this video, that was captured on CCTV. A young man is returning to his car with the groceries, and at first – everything appears to be normal. But then – did you see that! Something flies through the cameras view at a very high rate of speed! What do you think that was?! Some have said that it could be some kind of spirit – or ghost – trapped in the parking garage.

7 Google Street View UFO

So up next we actually have an image that was captured from the Google Maps Street View feature. From time to time that feature that enables you to zoom in on the quote/unquote ‘street view’ of any location on the planet, which is very useful in planning, as it’s instrumental in providing intimate details – like storefronts and parking areas. Anyway, this next image captures something in the sky – and I must say, it’s almost undeniable what it could be. Check it out. Is that – could that be – a UFO? I mean, I know how silly that sounds – but it clearly appears to be some kind of large, floating machine that’s half behind cloud – and half out – and it most certainly does not appear to be an airplane! So, what do you think this really is?

6 The Shadow Figure
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